Class Catalog – Adults

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Acrylic Painting Diptychs and Mixed Media

Paint a diptych with acrylic paints! Diptychs are panel paintings divided into two sections which can be hinged together or displayed side by side. With an emphasis on layering paint, students will explore key elements of design, line, shape, texture, and color. We will explore using various mediums such as molding paste, soft gels, transfer techniques, and collage to name a few. Have fun creating Diptychs with the camaraderie of friends and neighbors.

The Basics of Drawing & Pastels

Learn basic drawing skills using soft pencils, charcoal and colored pencils. In this class students will work with at least one still life with an autumn theme. They will focus on balance, composition, and proportion, and learn various shading techniques. Students will keep a sketchbook, and at the end of the session take home a matted work of art.

Beginning Watercolor Option-1 (All levels)

Whether you are new to watercolor or have experience with the medium, the instructor will introduce you to painting with water and how to control it. You’ll learn about working with the materials like papers, brushes and paints. You’ll also be exposed to some basic techniques and tricks that can be used while painting simple exercises or more complex paintings. We will demonstrate and critique work individually and in a group format. Students will need to bring their own supplies for painting. Photos references supplied, although students are encouraged to bring their own subject matter.

Beginning Watercolor Option-2 (All levels may take advantage of this special offer.) Price $199.

This offer is for students new to watercolor and are not sure about the cost and purchase of materials involved. For this special price, the cost of materials is included. All you have to do is show up. It’s a great deal for just starting out. The exercises and material covered will be the same as listed above. You’ll be in the same class with everybody else.

Drawing Birds in Their Habitats with Pastels

Soft pastels is a dry form of painting with vibrant color. Students will learn techniques using soft pastel sticks and pencils. Blending and layering colors on various papers that have different grades of texture and color will be emphasized. Students will learn basic drawing and shading skills, and how to create 3-dimensional effects focusing on light and value to create depth and contrast. We will also focus on balance, composition, proportion, and texture. Students will take home matted works of art.

Figurative Oil Painting

This class is for beginners to intermediate students. Students will learn fundamentals of figure autonomy as we paint in oil. The class will paint a Flamingo Dancer in an impressionistic style. The instructor will illustrate techniques and students will practice color theory.

Intro to Oil Painting

Learn about the incredible beauty possible when painting with oils. Step-by-step instruction will take you from preparation to the creation of a true work of art in oil. Color mixing, understanding of the characteristics of oil, through painting with guided exercises will be emphasized.


Students create a 2-dimensional picture or pattern produced by arranging small colored pieces of colored tile, stone, shells, or glass, ceramics, etc. into a work of art. Students will also learn to create their own unique stones, glass, or ceramic pieces to include in their overall art work. Students will choose to do a framed wall piece, clock, mirror, frame, coasters, or candleholders. Students will learn to grout and varnish their own mosaic masterpieces.

Open Studio Painting

Explore the painting media of your choice – this is your studio time. Work will be supervised and help will be given at the student’s own level. Instructor and student will discuss an initial plan and the instructor will help facilitate the student’s creativity. The instructor will help the student to brainstorm and introduce new methods and ideas as possible choices prior to beginning artwork. Depending on the student’s level and needs, guidance will be given to the students to help them organize a well-thought-out plan. Consideration will be given to composition, color, texture, perspective, shadow, and light. Ideal for students working on a portfolio or needing professional studio time.

Paint Architecture and Landscape in Oil

Enjoy creating a beautiful European landscape with architectural significants such as a castle, church, or national icon of your choice in oil or acrylic paint. Students will explore the relationships between nature and architecture, and its coexistence. Emphasis will be on perspective, painting style, and composition.

Paint n Sip International Art Workshops – Click HERE to see the current Paint n Sip schedule

Two Thursdays each month, we’ll host an adults-only Art Workshop featuring a specific country and an artist native to that country. In this 3-hour evening workshop, students will create a work of art in the style of an international artist. We’ll supply the materials – students are invited to bring their own appetizers and “theme beverages” to this BYOB event.