Class Catalog – Ages 10-12

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Art Journaling

Journaling is an art diary where observations, ideas, emotions, passions, curiosities, interests, poetry, and beautiful works of art are combined in an amazing visual sketch book. In this class, we will create a daily art journal that records words and sketches using mixed media and collages. Many artists are known for their art journaling, especially master artist Leonardo da Vinci. See

Color Pencil Animals

Learn how to create beautiful artworks in the now trendy popular color pencil medium. Students will learn drawing and shading techniques, how to blend and shade with rich color saturation, and how to achieve 3-dimensional qualities that seem to pop off of the paper. Each student will take home a matted artwork that they will be proud to share with family and friends.

Draw Great Cartoons

Kids will continue expanding their cartooning talents. They will have fun learning additional drawing techniques to bring their cartoon people and animal characters to life with pen and ink, colored pencils, and permanent markers. Kids will continue to keep a sketch book journal and expand on their own comic book with new stories they create.

Draw Great Cartoons Masters Series

Kids will expand on their cartooning talents. They will have a blast learning drawing techniques to bring their cartoon people and animal characters to life in a comic book. Kids will keep a sketch book journal and create their own comic book with stories they create.

Manga, Anime & Cartooning

Students will have a blast learning to draw cartoon characters. This class allows students to practice the styles of Anime and Manga with the guidance of the teacher, and semi-private environment of a small class. Kids will explore painting, and pen and ink. They will take home cartoon masterpieces.

Mixed Media Animal Painting

This class will be a wonderful way to get your creative mind flowing! Working with color, texture, surface design and composition, we will learn how to combine more than one media and understand how different materials work alone and together. Students create mixed media artworks by using methods of drawing, painting, and collage. Kids will have fun combining various media such as pastels, watercolor, tempera, pastes and glues as they mix in tearing, cutting, folding, crimping, and other layering techniques.

Painting like the Masters

Painting like the Masters is a four-part series that introduces students to the marvelous world of Monet, Matisse, Picasso, O’Keeffe, Van Gogh, Cézanne, Chagall, and more. Students will explore famous paintings to understand the master artists’ style as they produce their own paintings. In each of the four six-week sessions, students will learn the techniques of 2-3 Masters. Mixing art history with guided techniques can produce the most beautiful works of art. Students will take home creations of which they are proud and will want to display.