“I just wanted to share how much my son loved your Wizard Art Camp. He has never shown this much enthusiasm for any class or camp than what he has shown for your Wizard Art Camp. The last time he was this over-the-top excited about anything, we were at Disney World. Thank you so much for bringing the light to art and learning for him.”
—Cathy Sue Carpenter, 2017

“This past Spring I had the privilege of attending the Schaefer/Miles Oil Painting Demonstration & Workshop. Wendy and Kevin’s teaching techniques were phenomenal and—for beginners as well as advanced art students—it was an incredible learning experience. Well, they are returning to the Rivellino School of Art in beautiful downtown Long Grove, IL, October 16 to October 18. You do not want to miss this opportunity to meet two great artists and teachers. Hope to see you in class.”
—Ty Bonds, 2014

“I attended last year’s demo and workshop by Schaefer & Miles and they were awesome!  It was my very first experience with oil painting and they absolutely had me hooked after that.  Their paintings are spectacular and they are very engaging and fun to listen to.  I loved the painting that I made that day.  I just can’t wait for the next workshop!”
—Jodi Shapiro, 2014

“My last art class was a beginners class in high school. I have not done much since then, and was a bit nervous about starting an art class. Once I started at Rivellino with Roshel, I realized I had nothing to be worried about. Rivellino School of Art offers a relaxed atmosphere while learning technique, color, and different art styles. I look forward to my Tuesdays nights painting classes. I find that they relax me, help me gather my thoughts and unwind from the week. I am so thankful I found a such a welcoming place to learn and paint.”
—Malia Stern, March 2014

“Over the past few months, I have taken several different painting classes at Rivellino School of Art, and I love it! I wanted to do something totally different, that I had never done before, and found this to be absolutely refreshing and a lot of fun. Roshel is a great teacher and I can’t wait for the next class!”
—Jodi Shapiro, 2014

“Recently I started taking art classes after an eighteen year hiatus. I am having the time of my life and I thank Roshel of the Rivellino Long Grove School of Art for rekindling my passion for art. The highlight of my week is now the Thursday afternoon acrylic class.”
—Ty Bonds, March, 2013

“Going to art class is like a little mini vacation for me. It’s completely different than what I do during my day job so it’s so great to open up this part of my brain. I come in tired and low energy from a long day and leaving feeling refreshed energized. Plus everyone in class is so so nice and supportive and Roshel and her staff are just the best! I love the way Roshel teaches because she breaks down each painting into easy steps that we can master and she’s always there for help when we need it! I loved my first session so much that I signed up for another one!”
—Sandra Sieber, February, 2013

“I recently took an acrylic painting class here, and it was great! I’ve taken art classes at other places but this is definitely one of the best. The fee includes the materials, which is so helpful. Other schools tend to put the responsibility of acquiring the materials on you. While this not only adds to the cost of taking a class, it also adds the stress of being new to a medium and hoping you don’t purchase the wrong items. But at Rivellino School of Art, that’s all taken care for you, and Roshel does a fantastic job at explaining everything we’re using and what to consider should we decide in the future to purchase our own personal items. The class I took was set up so that you learn technique as you produce your art. It was great to have that instant applicability of the skill and it allowed for beginners and more advanced artists to work together in the same class. The atmosphere was laid back, open, and fun! I had such a good time learning at this school and producing new works of art that I’ll definitely be registering for additional classes! Thanks!”
—Brittany Combs, April 2013

“Awesome! What an amazing addition for the town of Long Grove! And such an exciting mix of classes.”
—Marilee Sarlitto, August, 2011

“Downtown Long Grove has always been such a beautiful place and almost like a getaway from our every day life. With the restored historical buildings as well as the scenic bridge, people are attracted to this wonderful town. What I always thought was missing was something for children, or adults, to do. There are many shops to buy things, yet no activities to engage yourself or your children. When the town had festivals, I always loved the crafts booth and being surrounded by its wonderful atmosphere— your creativity takes you to places you never thought it would. Now, with this amazing school, the town of Long Grove has a permanent avenue to create and learn about art. What was once a treat during festivals can now be a way of life with this school. Excellent idea and success to all artists, teachers and students!”
—Diana, August, 2011